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LA Confidential Strain - The Highest Crop

A Biased View of LA Confidential - Cannabis Strain Report

Yields are excellent at 350 - 450 gr/m2 under 600 watt lighting with both pheno-types completing blooming within 45 - 56 days inside your home. Outdoor crops will be prepared in late September or potentially early October in the northern hemisphere. Buds are hard and complete of resin. Source and flavour of this strain is quite unique and indescribable.

In fact it is an excellent medicinal/therapeutic strain for pain relief along with for dealing with sleeping disorders. LA Confidential has won many awards.

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LA Confidential is an Indica-dominant cannabis pressure with a 90/10 Indica/Sativa ratio. This insanely popular hybrid has actually won multiple awards, consisting of the High Times' title of "Stress of the Year" back in 2006. The strain was produced by crossing the OG LA Affie pressure with Afghani. LA Confidential comes with an impressive level of THC, ranging in between 21%This practically 100% Indica pressure has dark green and dense buds that are covered with crimson pistils and generously coated with snow-white trichomes.

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LA Confidential is among these pine-scented, earthy strains that smell similar to the forest in the morning. On the exhale, you can feel a tip of skunk and spicy notes, however the smoke is really smooth and thick. As for the taste, LA Confidential tastes skunky however sweet, with strong tips of pine.

The smart Trick of LA Confidential - Strain Information - That Nobody is Talking About

After smoking the LA Confidential marijuana pressure you will feel good relaxing waves traveling throughout your body and a soothing sensation of happiness. Although it's practically pure Indica stress, LA Confidential seems to cause strong cerebral results in some users, which might likewise uplift state of mind and increase focus. LA Confidential is understood for its laziness-inducing properties that typically lead users straight to bed for one or 2 hours.

Because this hybrid comes with mostly Indica impacts, it's suggested for evening or nighttime use. Thus, the strain is a perfect way to unwind after a stressful day, especially if you need more sleep or relaxation. In truth, LA Confidential is hands down among the very best smokes for making users feel warm and pleased while soothing them down and getting them prepared for a cozy night in bed.

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